My global vision is to positively influence human connection and inspire happier homes.

A little bit about me

My degree at UWA gave me a great foundation and understanding of the human body, but I still felt like something was missing. I realised that my degree had focused mostly on the body that it had neglected the mind, and more importantly, the undeniable connection between our mind and our body.

I then went on to complete a dual Diploma in Holistic kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine at The College of Complementary Medicine in Sydney. I came back to Perth in 2013 and that is when I created The Wellness Web, which is based out of Cottesloe. I now practise kinesiology as Stephanie Herscovitz but The Wellness Web still offers workshops, corporate wellness talks, education assistance and more.

What I value


is home


feel free


become aware


celebrate you


be light

I am…

• Personable, warm, and lighthearted

• Thoughtful, caring and honest

• Positive, happy, social and fun

• Committed to learning and growing

• Adventurous, open minded and love
trying new things

I am passionate about…

• Supporting families in Perth and around the world

• Children’s health the and wellbeing

• Positively contributing to health around the world

• Healthy eating, healthy thinking, healthy living

• Connecting with people in the community

• Continued learning and discovery

• Sharing ideas and inspiration to encourage others
to live a healthy, balanced life

• The environment and living a sustainable,
eco-friendly life

• Travelling and experiencing new cultures with an
open mind

Contact Steph

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