Kids Kinesiology

Kinesiology might be a good solution:

Do you want your kids to feel happy, free, confident and calm?


Are they feeling worried, angry, tired or withdrawn instead?


Would you like to know what is stopping them from feeling this way?


Kinesiology is a fantastic tool that helps uncover the root cause of these issues and allows children to express their feelings in a safe and nurturing environment.

Why bring your little loves for kinesiology?

  • Help them to process and manage their emotions – think temper tantrums and melt downs
  • Hello to good night’s sleep (in their own bed!)
  • Goodbye to niggling fears, phobias and anxieties
  • No more ‘Sunday tummy aches’ before school
  • Overcome feelings of being ‘too shy’ or ‘too sensitive’
  • To feel focused and confident at school
  • It’s time for dry nights, every night
  • Build their confidence and self esteem to be themselves
  • Help them kick goals, on and off a sporting field – clear any limiting beliefs and improve coordination and balance
  • Navigate the emotional journey of childhood, adolescence and teenage years
  • Good toilet action – great energy – happy family (starts with digestion, gut health and detoxification)
  • Speech, learning, memory and comprehension

What sort of ages do you work with?

I work with children of all ages and stages – babies and toddlers through to teens.

If necessary, we will do 30-minute sessions to suit the needs of your family.

Sessions with children may look a little different each time but I’ll always try to keep it fun and interactive and do what works best for them. There are no rules with kids so we just go with the flow.

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How to prepare your child for their kinesiology session

It is natural for your child to feel nervous or worried before their first session or even try to refuse to come at all.

This could be the reason for their session – anxiety, fear, not feeling safe in new places or doing new things?

They will naturally try to control the situation so don’t worry, we can help them through it by trying these few things:

  • Explain to them in detail what is going to happen – you will be there with them the whole time, we will all have a chat together (it is only me, no one else), there will be toys for them to play with or paper for them to draw on and then I might give them a little massage or do some fun exercises if they’re up for it.
  • Let them know that I see lots of other children, just like them. You can even show them my picture from the website so they know who to expect and is one less ‘unknown’ for them.
  • Try not make it about ‘fixing’ them but just about helping them to feel better.
  • Avoid using the name ‘kinesiologist’ if that is concerning them. It is unfamiliar and they might be worried about what will happen when they get there.
  • Encourage them to give it a go, let them know they’ll be completely safe and answer any other questions they might have



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